Secrets of a #Selfie-Holic

Did you know that this year they added the word "selfie" to the dictionary...
Ever since the front-facing camera was introduced, its honestly hard to resist the temptation, am I right? Its almost a requirement to have at least one selfie you can use to mark your social media territory...."one" - who are we kidding. lol

Taking a good selfie is an art. Knowing which selfie to use is a much higher form of art. We've all done the process of elimination. We all have bad sides - The advantage to being your own photographer is that you can de-accentuate your less flattering qualities with a few tricks. ;)

My #1 secret is natural lighting - good lighting is EVERYTHING.
       After you read this, go stand in front of a window. You're welcome. 
Natural lighting will give your selfie a soft, natural look. It will also eliminate dark shadows, especially the ones under your eyes. Natural lighting is the ultimate blemish remover. I don't need to blur, remove blemishes, notta. Standing in front of a window does that for me. Another great attribute that natural lighting enhances is the sparkle in your eye. That little sparkle makes your eyes pop....
Natural lighting contours. Contouring your facial features is everything. Our face is NOT flat, and should never look flat. There needs to be dept to highlight our prominent features, although you should 100% learn how to contour with makeup. (Maybe another blog post? Let me know) :)

My #2 secret is Filters - Use the right filters.
                I have a soft spot for the Valencia filter. Its the dreamiest of all the filters and it makes everyone look gorgeous. But did you know that you would adjust how much of the filter is applied to your photo? After you select it, tap it're welcome. I also adjust the brightness, warmth, highlights, shadows, and vignette. Boom, i'm a professional photographer.

My #3 secret is the background - It should be something amazing OR nothing
               I've seen to many great selfies be ruined by messy room/floor/bathroom...just stop. People are creeps, we will inspect your background and judge you.

My #4 secret is look skinny
               To make your face look slimmer, shoot your selfie from slightly above. It you're including your torso in the shot, turn one shoulder slightly toward the camera. Stick your neck out just a little, which will help eliminate the little bulge under your chin. Dont forget to smile with your eyes, its all about the eyes people. You need to make love with your eyes. And last but not least, clinch the sides of your mouth, whether its open or closed..try to get dimples. I dont have dimples, I have lines. Which have gotten me so many compliments

My #5 secret is be vain. Yes this song is about you.
              We dont take selfies because we're ugly. Take a selfie and work it, I cant stand seeing those selfies of a lifeless face. You're a Instagram it!!!

XoXo-THE Stay at home Girlfriend.


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