Hi, My name is...

My name is LaChelle Ann and by popular demand... blogging begins. 
I'd like to believe that my life is interesting. I've found that my sarcasm, food, fashion, and lifestyle have intrigued my Instagram and Facebook followers, and i'm continuously told to blog. I'm 25, fake blonde with a Bachelors, bar-tending addict turned Network Marketing Professional who loves to cook but not clean, over-eat but be skinny, and validate that i'm not a alcoholic - although I drink wine every night. 
I am not the typical Stay At Home Girlfriend. My boyfriend doesn't have it made. 

  • Mean comments are my displays of affection - There’s nothing more intimate or affectionate than me calling him an asshole and kissing afterwards. 
  • I'm ALWAYS joking - The default mode of your phone is silent, and the default mode of my mouth is sarcastic.
  • YES I'm laughing at you, but because I like you - I wouldn’t laugh at you if I didn’t think you could laugh at me too. Your misery might make me smile, but only because I want to be the one to help you up and hug you after you fall down.
  • Just a warning - It’s almost like sarcasm is this involuntary reaction and I. can’t. stop. being. sarcastic. So I'll apologize now for being offensive.
  • But with that said - I will occasionally say something incredibly sincere, but you won’t notice because you’ll think i'm being sarcastic. So when I get sincere, pay attention. 
  • I actually have a lot of feelings - I’m not an emotionless robot, I’m just a sardonic lady. I like to joke and mess around, but that doesn’t mean I’m a stoic rock.
But there's the background!!! And I am excited to share my life, with whomever listens. I hope to make you laugh, possibly cry, expand your cooking skills, enhance your love life. 
But always...keep it real. 
XoXo - THE Stay at home Girlfriend. 

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