Get a "REAL JOB"

So, let me guess...annoyed of your Facebook feeds? I know something you don't know.

I'm sure the majority of you reading this have noticed the slight shift of how people are earning their money these days? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...OH MY. Its called Entrepreneurship - The guy YOU work for is called an Entrepreneur but I don't see you posting Facebook statuses about would lose your job, right? Damn.

Being an entrepreneur isn't a new idea, but today it's happening slightly different. There is an explosion of digital entrepreneurship, the internet and social media have advanced and it's no longer the social norm to work a 9-5 job for 40 hours a week. People were used to that idea and expected such lifestyle when they finished college. Now, this idea is slowly changing. There’s no doubt the internet has changed the way we do business. We can connect with each other quickly, talk over video across the world, run online stores that make billions of dollars per year...and you're mad.

Heres the goal was to get a "REAL J.O.B" one day. I graduated high school at 17 with a 4.8 GPA, went straight to college and got my Bachelor’s degree in 2 years and my Interior Design Certification and was well on my way to a 9-5. I mean, I couldn't wait to get that Corporate America Job that wants to pay you the least amount as possible because payroll is the largest expense in most companies, so I could constantly stress out about what future I had because we didn't have money to plan for one, force me to work longer hours, stay away from my family as long as possible, and pay me scraps as the top executives get corporate jets, cars, drivers, lavish trips, 6, 7, 8 figure salaries, etc... And corporate America isn't a Pyramid Scheme? And who determines your salary at your job? How's faking it to you make it? Because at my 9-5 I didn't even have money to pay my current bills...but from the outside looking in, it looked like everything was going great. That's what we try to make it seem like...OMG I LOVE LIFE. No.

I would have never imagined myself getting involved or being even successful in Network Marketing. When I first looked at Network Marketing, I really felt like it was just for crazy people. Like literally, lunatic annoying crazy people. I mean it. I was working 9-5 as a receptionist/personal assistant. I was doing what I was supposed to be doing in America, right? This is what it means to be "normal" right? Having a 9-5. So what the hell was I thinking considering doing something that crazy people do?? That's not a real J.O.B. 

Here's what I know, J.O.B means a paid position. And I'm getting paid for my position? Sooo....

What you don't realize is that being paid hourly will eventually cease to exist. You will be paid by what you accomplish, not the time it takes you to. I’m no one special just a 25yr old stay at home girlfriend. And because of ItWorks Global I am also a 5-figure monthly income earner. I had the 9-5 for 40 hours a week vision too, but that little voice in my head that said "this f***ing sucks" was right and I listened to her. 2 months into this business I quit my "JOB" because this completely replaced my income. 9 months later I was able to replace and surpass even my boyfriends income. We've earned $130,000 in GOOD bonuses combined based on our efforts. Talk about crazy and let me're mad.

You know this but you won't admit it...we no longer have to be tied to a desk for 9 hours a day in order to complete our work and get paid. If we have the discipline, we can build and run businesses from anywhere. There is nothing tying a digital entrepreneur down. We make our hours, we own our time. 
BUT the real truth behind anyone that tries to bring a entrepreneur down is -  Not everyone wants to run a business. Some people don't have the self discipline and need to be scheduled. It's not your fault - It's the social norm that you were taught to accept. But, let me guess many have a strong desire to make extra income. With more money comes more opportunity. Some years ago, if you wanted to earn extra money, you had to take on a part time job with structure and set pay scales. NOW people can earn money with just a mobile phone and some spare time. You don’t have to start a legitimate business anymore to earn extra income. You don’t even have to get a part-time job. Everything can be done with internet access, a laptop, OR even a phone...and you're still mad. lol 
Bottom line is...
The world is changing. The way we make money is changing. I'm just glad I know about it.

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